Placentitis infection in the uterus

Redbrook Lady Fiona

On the 12th of October 2010 at 4 am Redbrook Lady Fiona was born, her mother Nicky suffered from Placentitis (infection in the uterus) in the last three to four weeks of her pregnancy despite intensive treatment for the condition. This infection was passed to Fiona who was born as a septic foal as well as three weeks premature.


Upon presentation to Belvoir Equine Clinic Fiona was weak, dehydrated, unable to stand and had poor mucous membrane colour. Blood work revealed a severe infection which also caused Hypopyon (pus in eye) causing temporary blindness. Fiona was immediately given fluid therapy, tube fed with her mothers milk, started on antibiotics and given eye medication. Luckily Fiona had a good suck reflex and we were able to start bottle feeding her. With intensive care over the next couple of days Fiona become stronger but was still unable to stand due to contraction of her tendons in her front legs and lack of muscle tone. To give the needed support and help correct the abnormalities, splints were placed on both of her front legs from below her elbow to her foot.


With these splints she was able to stand without assistance and drink from her mum but was unable to get up on her own. The splints were removed after three days and there were significant improvements with her conformation. Over the next 48 hours she grew stronger and was able to stand and move on her own. The eye treatment was effective and Fiona’s vision returned.

Fiona was discharged from hospital on the 22nd of October 2010 to very caring and diligent owners. Most foals that present with these symptoms have a very poor prognosis but Fiona fought every step of the way and responded to treatment. For the entire 10 days Fiona was a resident at the hospital she required 24 hour care which was provided by our amazing nursing staff, one of whom was given the honor of having Fiona named after her.