Farrier Now Available at Belvoir

Russel Williams is now available on Tuesday Afternoons – Book Now!

Ever had the difficulty of getting hold of a farrier, having them not turn up on time or not return your phone calls??

Belvoir Equine Clinic has been fortunate in establishing a close working relationship with highly regarded Farrier, Russel Williams. For the past 5 years Russel has been at Belvoir every Wednesday morning between 9am and 12 noon to do all the stud horses, in house corrective work on lameness cases and a limited number of patient corrective cases.

In what is a major coup for Belvoir considering how much Russel is in demand, we have been able to secure him on a Tuesday between 1pm and 3pm on a weekly basis. This means Russel will be available for a far greater number of corrective shoeing consults and these appointments can be made through reception. In order to make it more convenient for clients, horses can be dropped off at the clinic on the morning and picked up at a time that suits the client.

Russel does a large number of commercial studs, performance and pleasure stables and we have had fantastic results with him. Hopefully this service will be particularly useful for our country clients who are rapidly growing in number.