Correction of Severe Flexural Limb Deformity

This year our vets Dr Aswin Beck and Dr Charlotte Younghusband saved the life of a very special little quarter horse colt. At 5 months old his forelegs were so badly club footed he was unable to make contact with his hoof sole on the ground. It took a lot of work but the results are outstanding! See the full story, before and after pictures/radiographs on our Facebook page by clicking the picture below. Please also enjoy the article pictured here discussing this colts treatment and future, it should answer any questions you may have.

13608084_10157070535045487_713016859_n  Colt update FB 13620831_1072902796096611_1773491069651377967_n13631660_1072903116096579_3218220847547362960_n 13626332_1072903009429923_2893382760552384884_n

IMG_0423 – Video Link update 19/01/2017

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