Abdominal Pregnancy Ultrasound

Belvoir Equine Clinic was very excited to welcome two Donkey’s Casey and Maggie in for an Abdominal Pregnancy Ultrasound. Casey took a liking to our clinic dog Rommel, this ended up being the only way we could get her into the clinic for her scan, she followed the dog.

casey head photo_edited

An abdominal pregnancy scan is carried out in those instances where the patient is too small for a transrectal scan or for high risk pregnancies to evaluate fetal well being. The scan involves clipping the hair over the lower abdomen from the udder to the umbilicus, the patient needs to be no less then 3 months gestation. See below for the ultrasound images taken of Casey’s baby.

resize casey

In early gestation the fetus is positioned randomly in the uterus. By the 9th month the fetus should be positioned for birth (ideally head towards the mare’s pelvis).