Reproductive Facilities

Image credit Eric Lloyd photography.

During the breeding season our reproduction crush is often very busy with stud and client mares. Our facilities allow us to cater all reproductive services.

These facilities include:

A mare and foal crush, which is very useful for management of mares pre and post foaling and administration of foal treatments.

rsz_dsc_0009    Clinic photos 2016 010

Mare and foal intensive care and foaling down box, specially designed to be able to separate mare and foal safely if necessary.

Neonatal_DSC_0603      LISA and FOAL (2)

Large day yards with shelters for mares awaiting reproductive assessment, along with rubber lined floodlit yards for foaling down and safely yarding mares and foals.

mare__foal_dayyard_dsc_0305    Clinic photos 2016 007

Rubber lined stallion yards, with WIWO stables.

stallion_wiwo    Clinic photos 2016 002

Breeding area, where we are able to safely perform semen collection for chilled and frozen semen processing, using either the phantom or one of our trained ‘Jump” mares. We also do natural covers, including the almost impossible as seen below.

all_things_possible_dsc_0046    stallioncollect_dsc_1544


For more in depth information on our reproductive services, please click here – Stud Medicine