Belvoir Equine Clinic is a full equine surgical facility north of the river. We regularly operate on routine and emergency surgeries – from local cases to referred cases from all over Western Australia. 

Our equine surgeon – Dr Aswin Beck, is available to perform a wide range of both routine and emergency surgical procedures, in our purpose built and fully equipped operating theatre.

To read about Dr Aswin’s qualifications please click here – Veterinarians

Most people agree, that seeing one of our equine friends on the surgery table can be a stressful experience – but most people don’t understand, that the induction and recovery from general anaesthesia is one of the most risky times for such a large, heavy patient. The induction box at BEC is specially designed to minimise these risks, it has – heavily padded walls and floor, it is temperature controlled, with a small window for safely giving reassuring words, to the recovering patient – it makes induction and recovery as safe as possible. Horses are transported into surgery by an overhead gantry, which allows them to be quickly and smoothly lifted onto the surgical table.

A broad range of equine surgeries are performed at BEC. These range from arthroscopy (keyhole joint surgery), colic surgery and correction of limb deformities to eye surgeries, bone curettage and cryptorchid surgeries. In addition we perform a range of upper respiratory tract surgery (wind operations).  Each surgery is run by one of our qualified equine veterinarians utilising a range of monitoring equipment, echocardiographs and pulse oximetry. Our surgery is also used by visiting specialists where required by our clients.

Padded induction/recovery box and gantry

knock box   dsc_1142_901      dsc_1137_896

Our surgical suite

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Some images during surgery

gut_shot_dsc_0553      IMG_9833 (3)